We weight by the gram But a lot of our competition doesn't

By now you know the Gold Party Canada story, so let's
talk about the Gold Party Canada promise: To do
business the right way - without any tricks or gimmicks.

Unfortunately, a few of our competitors - especially US
competitors, who are now entering the Canadian market -
disagree with that promise.

Two companies in particular, one based in Michigan, the
other in Illinois - and now operating in places like Vancouver,
Calgary and Saskatchewan - have this nasty little habit of
quoting great-sounding prices and great-sounding Hostess Benefits,
then turning around and weighing your unwanted gold by the pennyweight.

A pennyweight is the unit of measurement used to weigh gold in the US. Ever hear of one? Didn't think so. And that's precisely what they're counting on. But here's the truth:

1 gram = 0.65 pennyweights

The bottom line: You get 35% less for your gold. And if you're the Hostess, well, your Hostess Benefits suffer big time.

At Gold Party Canada, we like competition. Not only is it good for consumers, it forces us to work harder to win your business. What we don't like are American competitors who try to confuse with a lot of hocus-pocus. Why not just compete fair and square?

In business - and in life - we think integrity is important.

Thanks for listening, Canada.

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