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  • How do I sell my gold from home (Contactless Service)?
    Contact us and we'll arrange for secure, contactless pick-up of your materials within 24 hours. You can watch as one of our experts appraises and determines the value of your items on Zoom, or simply have your offer sent to you once the appraisal is complete.
  • How do I sell my gold privately (Private Appraisal)?
    Contact us for convenient 1:1 service at your home or office with transparent appraisal and instant payment.
  • What’s a Gold Party?
    A Gold Party is the only home party where everyone makes money – without having to spend it! Invite friends and family to a casual night out at your place. Meet with one of our expert appraisers to learn what your unloved gold and silver jewellery is worth. Accept our offer and get paid instantly with Interac e-Transfer or PayPal. As host, you'll received 10% of all gold sales – including your own. In response to social distancing measures, we’re currently offering a contactless version of this service.
  • What do you buy?
    Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold in all karats and conditions (including gold coins). We also buy platinum and silver.
  • What if I'm not sure if my gold is real?
    There's only one way to find out! If we determine an item isn't real, we'll be happy to return it.
  • How much do you pay?
    A lot! Gold has surged past $2000 per ounce (double where it was when we started Gold Party in 2008). Price is determined by purity, weight and the real-time spot price of gold.
  • I'm invited to a Gold Party, but prefer not to sell my gold in a group setting. What should I do?"
    In-Person You can leave your unloved gold with your Host – we'll appraise it and contact you with our best offer. Virtual Just notify your Host and Gold Party will schedule a separate time to connect with you 1:1.
  • When can I expect to receive payment?
    Accept our offer and get paid instantly with Interac e-Transfer or PayPal – your choice.
  • What if I attend a Gold Party, but later decide not to sell my gold?"
    You're under no obligation to sell. Gold Party will return your items no questions asked.
  • What happens if I’m not satisfied with Gold Party’s offer?
    If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our offer, simply say so and we’ll return your items no questions asked.
  • Some of my unloved gold jewellery contains diamonds. Will you return them to me?
    Gold Party makes every effort to remove and return valuable diamonds, however we don’t remove, return or pay for semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia or non-valuable diamonds (i.e. pave diamonds, melee diamonds, diamond chips, etc.).
  • I paid $500 for my ring. Can I expect the same from Gold Party?
    Gold Party pays strictly for the gold content of your jewellery. Beauty and craftsmanship aren’t a consideration when appraising the value of your gold. That said, given its recent price trajectory, it’s possible the underlying value of the gold content now exceeds the retail markup.
  • There’s an 18K hallmark on my necklace. Is this reliable?
    Not always. Although most countries require manufacturers to stamp gold jewellery, very few countries (including Canada) enforce these laws or require an independent third party to evaluate their accuracy. The stamp on your jewelry may be correct, but it’s quite common for gold jewellery to be inaccurately stamped.
  • What evaluation methods are used to determine the purity of the gold?
    A magnet test, identification of hallmarks and, most importantly, an acid test – the gold standard for the appraisal of precious metals.

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